The rehabilitation, refurbishment and redevelopment of a building is a true work of bringing to the surface the architectural treasures unjustly forgotten


From ruin to rehabilitation and reproduction in the urban circuit is the same distance as between forgotten history and the prospect of the future


A building is a universe in itself. It's history, it's life. The renovation, rendering and reintegration into the urban space with all its functionalities is creation that enhances a work of art

Between what was and what is is work, skill and passion.

We make friends with time to convince it to let us restore to the present the beauties covered by forgetfulness and sometimes carelessness.

Our expert team.

Etiam rhoncus. Maecenas tempus, tellus eget natoque condimentum rhoncus, leo eget bibendum sodales libero faucibus....

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Construiește viitorul odată cu noi!

Member of the National Union of Restaurateurs from Romania
Certified with the SR EN ISO 9001/2015 integrated quality management system
ISO 14001/2015 Environmental Management System certificate
Certified with OHSAS SR EN ISO 18001/2004

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The saying "we would have no future if we let go of the past and let it fade into oblivion" is as true as it gets. You honor the past. Well done, congratulations on what you are doing!

By Valentin B.

In the restoration work, beyond the plans of the designer, the involvement of the financier or the labor of the executor, lies the soul of the monument. The magical moment for all is when the monument is brought back to life and continues to tell its story, help people relive and create memories. Congratulations! The past looks just right, congratulations!

By Catalin B.

If you look at a building before your intervention, you will unfortunately only see a building forgotten by time and people. Passion and a job well done speak for themselves!

By Ștefan V.

It's certainly not easy to do what you do, but the results are worth it. Congratulations!

By Irina B.

If professionalism was understood by even half the people as you do, things would certainly be completely different. Bravo congratulations!

By Mihaela M.

The past takes on colour again through your performance. Thank you!

By Daniel B.
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Without the past we have no future!

We remake the past and reproduce it in all its glory!